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A magical winter fairy tale with plenty of laughs

The Little King

Mattias De Leeuw & Jan De Leeuw

Little king Sevi rules over Suthi, the land of the Small Miracles. One night he discovers a strange, bright star in the sky that whispers to him to follow. According to his astrologer, the star heralds the birth of a great king who will be more powerful than all the other kings put together. Sevi’s curiosity has been aroused and together with his little horse he sets off. On the road he is overtaken by three kings and their large retinue, who are en route to meet the new king. Sevi discovers that the procession ahead of him is wreaking havoc in the villages along the way. Luckily he comes from the land of the Small Miracles and is able to help the people with the gifts he brought along for the king. He even gives away his horse, so he has to continue on foot through the snow.

The illustrations are an exhilirating explosion of colour.
Süddeutsche Zeitung

Sevi ends up being snowed in and gives up all hope of meeting the new king. But then the other kings come back disappointed. They did not find a king, just some poor people with a child in a dirty barn. These people will rescue Sevi so he gets to meet the great king after all.

The unusual premise, Jan De Leeuw’s humour and light-hearted narrative style and the playful illustrations by Mattias De Leeuw make this winter fairy tale so much more than just another adaptation of the Christmas story. It is a book about giving and taking, with a touch of magic.

A beautiful and refreshingly written Christmas story. You will find yourself returning to the illustrations again and again – discovering something new every time.