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Hilarious portrait of the cleanest knight of all

The Soap Knight

Mattias De Leeuw & Kristien In-'t-Ven

‘The Soap Knight’ is a humorous and imaginative series for first-time readers, illustrated with subtle, expressive pen drawings.

Roger The Soap Knight is passionate about taking baths, scrubbing up, working in the garden and doing the laundry. But he’s also passionate about fighting. Together with Gaston, his clean white horse, he has frequently fought the enemy. In ‘The Soap Knight’ it’s time for a holiday because Roger and Gaston are battle-weary. However, the king has other ideas. He wants the Soap Knight to vanquish a dragon. Roger sets out with Gaston and his shield-bearer Fons.

Exciting and funny
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In ‘The Soap Knight and the Witch From Far and Wide’, the Soap Knight has to babysit his son, while his wife, Princess Lucy, goes to a ball. He’s looking forward to spending more time with his son. But it turns out to be a disappointment because Max burps, plays with his food and, worst still, smells. Fons is charged with ‘de-smelling' Max. They head off to the Witch From Far and Wide to seek help, but she has other plans, which put Princess Lucy in danger.

A feast for the eye and the imagination of big and small alike

In ‘The Soap Knight Sees a Ghost’, the soap knight wins a country in the annual bingo: Sponje. In good spirits, he and Fons travel to the Castle of Sponje to become king of the Sponians. But there’s one little problem: the castle is haunted.

Cover The Soap Knight Sees a Ghost
Cover of 'The Soap Knight Sees a Ghost'
Cover The Soap Knight and the Witch From Far and Wide
Cover of ‘The Soap Knight and the Witch From Far and Wide’