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Dazzling pictures packed with detail

The Sun

Peter Goes

The sun is the source of practically all life on earth. It has therefore been the subject of idolatry, speculation and research since time immemorial. In ‘The Sun’ Peter Goes delves into the science and myths surrounding the most important star in our galaxy. In beautifully composed spreads that brim with ingenious details, he throws light on the knowledge and convictions of people including the ancient Greeks, the Aztecs and the inhabitants of the Indus Valley, and describes the scientific developments of more recent times. Historical figures share the spreads with gods, penguins and vampires.

A work of art full of tiny and often funny details
Het Laatste Nieuws

He also writes about and depicts current and past knowledge about things like optics, optical phenomena, colour, dark matter and solar flares, all in his unique style of illustration, with little characters who, despite having faces with only eyes and noses, are tremendously lively. It enables Goes to put more knowledge into the drawings than into the text, which it makes readers even more inquisitive, so that they want to know more about certain myths, customs or discoveries. ‘The Sun’ is a new highpoint in Goes’ oeuvre.

Goes’ style is so relatable, unique and special that you definitely won’t tire of it in a hurry.
The Guardian on ‘Timeline’