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A little boy learns to overcome his prejudices

The Woman and the Little Boy

Kaatje Vermeire & Geert De Kockere

A little boy is both scared of and fascinated by an old woman he often sees. She looks enormous, and the boy is convinced that she stands on her balcony and uses her umbrella to pick up children from the street so that she can eat them all up. Until one day she drops her bag, and she suddenly looks a lot smaller. He helps her and visits her at home, and he finds out that she’s actually a lovely old lady.

Craftsmanship, vision and great sensitivity
De Morgen

Geert De Kockere understands how indefinable fear works in children and has written a story in which imagination and reality constantly cross paths. This picture book depicts the fear of the unknown and how it can lead to prejudices. Kaatje Vermeire illustrates the intermingling of fantasy and reality with her ominous images. As the boy finally comes to see that this giant of a woman is actually very sweet, Vermeire’s illustrations become warm and charming.

‘The Woman and the Little Boy’ shows children that prejudices actually make no sense. Because big old women are not usually scary giantesses, but sweet little old ladies who make French toast and houses of cards.

Unique illustrations that you would not expect to find in a debut
De Standaard