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A small novella filled with longing

This Is Everlasting

André Sollie

Pim is growing up in a dreary town on the Belgian coast, the only son of a single mother who barely pays him any attention. She is more interested in her accordion and in the men who shout and cheer when she performs in seedy bars. Luckily, he has their neighbour, Marcella, who, along with her children, Gino and Sabrina, provides much-needed warmth and affection in Pim’s life. The young Sabrina is head over heels in love with Pim, but he has eyes only for her brother. Gino succumbs and they briefly share a secret love – until Gino finds a girlfriend and Pim feels deeply betrayed.

A sultry, bittersweet book

In a story imbued with the scent of cheap cigarettes and the sound of accordions and jukeboxes, André Sollie depicts Pim’s overwhelming longing and the sadness of his surroundings. This is a sensitive and touching coming-of-age novel about a boy in search of love, affirmation and support. Sollie creates a well-balanced and intriguing story about an obsessive love that is doomed to failure. It was filmed as ‘North Sea Texas’ in 2011.

Every image has an unspoken meaning that lends tension to the story.
De Groene Amsterdammer