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A breath-taking journey through history


Peter Goes

‘Timeline’ is a trip through time, past dinosaurs, Vikings, Aztecs and spaceships. It is an illustrated journey through our world’s culture and events and travels from the Big Bang to the iPod. It looks at wars and disasters; introduces artists, explorers and leaders; shows us living in castles, yurts and skyscrapers. And it does not neglect the imagination - here too are dragons, mythical figures and TV characters, alongside world-changing inventions born from the imaginations of scientists and explorers. Each scene puts global events in perspective, in space and time.

The Guardian
Cover ‘Timeline. Science and Technology’
Cover ‘Timeline. Science and Technology’

Peter Goes constructs a continuous line, on which different historical periods make their appearance one by one. Only instead of a straight line, he pictures time as a winding river. He takes this further in ‘Timeline. Science and Technology’. The sequel to the hugely successful ‘Timeline’ starts in the Stone Age and shows how the very first implements have led to the development of the most specialised IT solutions. Goes looks at major and minor scientific discoveries that have changed our lives and gives notable scientists such as Vesalius, Einstein and Marie Curie their well-deserved place in this book.

Goes’ illustrations are packed with things to see and discover. They contain plenty of ingeniously visualized information, fun facts and funny details. At the very end you see little figures with a pot of black paint, busily working on extending the timeline: ‘as time goes by’. Interspersed among the illustrations are short, informative texts. You really don’t have to be ten years old to enjoy this.

A rich, accessible treasure trove of facts and figures
Financial Times
Gigantic, propulsive, lavishly drawn and smartly annotated…. Filled with hidden details and subtle wit
New York Times on 'Timeline. Science and Technology'