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Friendship, trust and longing

Waiting for Sailor

Ingrid Godon & André Sollie

Lighthouse keeper Tijs spends all day looking out at the sea. He’s waiting for his friend Sailor, who has promised to return so they can travel the world together. It’s all Tijs can think about, even though his friends believe Sailor will never return. On his birthday, Tijs can hardly believe his luck when Sailor finally appears late that evening. They leave together without saying goodbye to anyone. Since then, Tijs’s friends have been waiting every day for his return…

Longing powerfully reduced to its essence
De Leeswelp

‘Waiting for Sailor’ is a picture book about friendship and missing friends. It’s a timeless story that remains topical because of its universal themes. André Sollie’s text is sparing: not a word is wasted, an apt touch as it ensures that each emotion is carefully suggested. For her part, Ingrid Godon has cleverly incorporated these subtle emotions into her illustrations: her gentle prints appeal to your emotions and arouse your sympathy. It’s a book that will long stay with you and where you can turn to whenever you find yourself missing someone.

An unusually well-balanced picture book
De Morgen