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A treasure chest full of discoveries

You and I and All the Other Children

Bart Moeyaert

In 2013, it was thirty years since Bart Moeyaert made his debut. What better way to celebrate this anniversary than with a beautifully designed book? ‘You and I and All the Other Children’ is a compilation of all the stories and poems for children that Moeyaert has written in his long career, which continues to thrive.

Wild, breathless stories in this great collection of small texts
Süddeutsche Zeitung

Moeyaert’s stylistic ingenuity calls for a visual counterpart that is equally strong. The many illustrations were therefore created by six leading illustrators from Flanders, the Netherlands and Germany: Wolf Erlbruch, Gerda Dendooven, Rotraut Susanne Berner, Korneel Detailleur, André Sollie and Marije Tolman. Their diverse styles are beautifully united by the colour palette, with its shades of black, white and grey, combined with a deep red. This red can also be seen at the heart of the book, where all of the poems are presented.

No matter how different the stories and poems are, they all show Moeyaert’s craftsmanship, consistently articulated from the child’s perspective. Such variety, such a wealth of imagery and style – it all combines to make this book an exquisite anthology.

This overview makes you realise the richness of this writer’s oeuvre and its consistently high literary quality
Jaap Friso
A lavishly illustrated gift book that will last for years, with something new to discover at every age
De Standaard