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Els Moors: the new Belgian Poet Laureate

On 24 January, on the eve of the Flemish-Dutch Poetry Day, Laurence Vielle passes the torch of Poet Laureate to Els Moors. The official transfer will take place in Brussels during an ‘Apéro Poésie’. Laurence Vielle will bid goodbye, while Els Moors will present her poetic vision and recite the first poem she has written as Poet Laureate.

About the project

Laurence Vielle and Els Moors
Photo © Guy Kokken

In 2014, Charles Ducal was Belgian’s first Poet Laureate. This literary exchange project builds bridges between the three language communities in Belgium and gives them the opportunity to get to know each other’s poets. The Poet Laureate is appointed for two years and writes a minimum of six poems per year on various issues affecting the country. All poems are made available in the three national languages, in collaboration with Passa Porta’s translators’ collective.

A festive start

A new Poet Laureate, that’s a reason to celebrate! Laurence Vielle and Els Moors take the stage together in their show ‘De Ronde van België / Le Tour de la Belgique’. Together with musician Vincent Carcara and live visual artist / DJ Bert Lezy, they freeze time with the help of poetry. In this varied show, which the two poets have been working towards since the spring of 2017, they address topics such as the attacks in Brussels and the migration crisis, but also their own search for ‘Belgium’s poetic centrepoint’.

Jan 24th, 2018