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Translators' House

Translators are Flanders Literature's most important partners in promoting our literature abroad. That's why we try to create a sound basis for them to be able to work professionally and with ease.

In the Translators’ House in Antwerp, Flanders Literature hosts literary translators from Dutch. During each period, two translators can stay in this fully equipped apartment on the second floor of the grand residential block Oostkasteel. This gives translators from abroad a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in Flemish culture and connect with authors, publishers, other translators and native speakers in person.

Photo Translators' House Antwerp
Translators' House Antwerp

The Translators’ House is situated in the elegant neighbourhood of Zurenborg, an area known for its pleasant squares and interesting architecture. This makes the Translator’s House a peaceful and inspiring place where guests can focus on their work. The bustling city centre with its cultural attractions and sights is only a short journey away by public transport or bike.

Coronavirus update (July 2021)

The Translators’ house has opened its doors again in May. If you want to apply for a stay there, please inform yourself about the corona measures applicable in Belgium as well as in your home country. If your application is approved, please keep yourself updated about these measures, as they are subject to change depending on the evolution of the pandemic and may have an impact on your travel plans.