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Colleen Higgins

Colleen was born and raised on the prairies of Minnesota in the United States, and the Netherlands has been her home for many of the years since then. She began working as a translator in 1998, and translates a variety of texts from Dutch to English, including literature (fiction and nonfiction), culinary or food-related texts, academic and scientific texts, song lyrics, and, occasionally, poetry.

Her full-length translations include 'Bride Flight' by Marieke van der Pol (longlisted for the 2012 International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award), 'Time Surfing: The Zen Approach to Keeping Time on Your Side' by Paul Loomans, 'Solo Food: 72 Recipes for You Alone' by culinary writer Janneke Vreugdenhil, 'Timeless Love' by photographer Marrie Bot and 'One-Way Ticket to Schiphol Airportby photographer Karine Versluis.