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Goran Sarić

Goran Sarić (b. 1959) teaches Yugoslav literature and Serbo-Croatian. Before the war in former Yugoslavia he published numerous articles, essays and poems. In Sarajevo, between 1986 and 1990, he was assistant editor of what was then one of the country’s most important cultural magazines, Književna revija.

His translations into Bosnian include ‘Tow-Truck Pluck’ and ‘Otje’ by Annie M.G. Schmidt, Cheese (Kaas) by Willem Elsschot and ‘The Journey of the Empty Bottles’ (De reis van de lege flessen), 'My Father’s Notebook’ (Spijkerschrift) and ‘The House of the Mosque’ (Het huis van de moskee) by Kader Abdolah.

His own poems and prose have also been published in Bosnian, Serbian and Croatian.