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Irina Grivnina

Irina Grivnina (b. 1945) is a translator and author.  She emigrated to the Netherlands in 1985, where she worked as a freelance journalist and also published a number of books. Her novel ‘The General’s Daughter’ and a collection of prose by Marina Tsvetaeva selected, introduced and annotated by her were also published in Russia. Her articles and poems were published in magazines including ‘De Tweede Ronde’, ‘Deus ex Machina’ and ‘Oktjabr’.

From 1989, she started translating Dutch and Flemish literature into Russian. Her translations include works by Leo Geerts, Hugo Claus, Bart Van Loo, Joseph Pearce, Harry Mulisch, Carl Friedman, Cees Nooteboom, Jessica Durlacher, Leon de Winter, Paul Biegel and Tonke Dragt.