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Irina Kappelhof-Costea

Irina Kappelhof-Costea (1978) is born in Bucharest and studied English and Romanian linguistics and literature at the University of Bucharest and General Linguistics at the University of Amsterdam. She started out as a subtitling editor in Romania, translated her first book and then moved to The Netherlands in 2003. Since 2007 she has been living in Belgium, where she works as a translator for the European Union. Since 2019 she is a part of the CELA programme for starting literary artists, selected as a translator from Dutch into Romanian. Some of the texts translated within the framework of the programme have been published in Literomania (a fragment from 'We Love Anthi So Much'- 'We houden zo van Anthi' by Vincent Van Meenen) and Echinox (a fragment from 'The Hell' - 'De Hel' by Aya Sabi).