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Jeannette K. Ringold

Jeannette K. Ringold has been a literary translator for about 25 years.

Her published translations include works of fiction by Anna Enquist (among them ‘Counterpoint’, ‘The Injury’, ‘The Secret’ and ‘The Masterpiece’), Britta Böhler’s ‘The Decision’, Leon de Winter’s ‘God’s Gym’, Carl Friedman’s ‘The Gray Lover’ and ‘The Shovel and the Loom’, and Marga Minco’s ‘The Fall’.

Her translations of literary nonfiction include ‘Undeliverable’ by Isaac Lipschits, ‘A Floating City of Peasants’ by Floris-Jan van Luyn, ‘A People Who Live Apart’ by Els van Diggele, and ‘Saving the Children’ by Bert-Jan Flim.