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Kristen Gehrman

Kristen Gehrman (b. 1989) is from Charleston, South Carolina, USA and earned her M.A. in linguistics and literary translation from the University of Lausanne, Switzerland. She now lives in The Hague, where she works as a literary and creative translator. She also teaches academic writing and translation at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Recent translations include The Melting (Het smelt) by Lize Spit (Picador, 2021), The Tree and the Vine (De thuiswacht) by Dola de Jong (Transit Books, 2020), The Son and Heir (De stamhouder. Een familiekroniek) by Alexander Münninghoff (Amazon Crossing, 2020), and The Boy Between Worlds (Sonny Boy) by Annejet van der Zijl (Amazon Crossing, 2019).