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Oksana Smerek

Oksana Smerek (b. 1977) is a Ukrainian author and a translator from Dutch, English and Danish into Ukrainian.

She studied language and literature at Lviv National University and obtained her PhD in 1999. She published two books of poetry and one nonfiction book. She also writes poems and fairy tales for children. She has been living in the Netherlands for six years now.

Her translations from Dutch include:

  • 'Moek in gevaar' by Isabelle Gielen
  • 'Palmen op de Noordpool: het grote verhaal van klimaatverandering' by Marc Ter Horst
  • 'Selfie' by Kaat De Kock
  • 'Sep en Saar: De trein doet raar' by Isabelle Gielen
  • 'Hey There, Earth Dweller! Drive Into This World We Call Earth' (Hé aardbewoner!: duik in de wereld die aarde heet) by Marc Ter Horst
  • 'Creativity and Other Fundamentalisms' (Creativiteit en andere fundamentalismen) by Pascal Gielen
  • Covered or Uncovered (Bloot of bedekt) by Mineke Schipper
  • Dead Simple (Doodgewoon) by Bette Westera
  • 'Flemish fairy tales' (Vlaamse sprookjes) by Geest van Istendael
  • Poems by Mark Boog, Jana Beranova, Cees Nooteboom, Ankie Peypers