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Samgis Zandi

Samgis Zandi (b.1960 in Zanjan, Iran) passed her Master’s degree at Wageningen University, after completing academic studies in Tabriz and Copenhagen. She worked at several institutions as a researcher. She has been heartily dedicated to literature since she was very young. She has won prizes for her theatre plays and children’s books. She has translated several classic works by Hugo Claus, Cees Noteboom, Jan Terlouw, Stefan Brijs, Harry Mulisch, Peter Hoeg (Danish) W.F. Hermans and Hella Haasse. Her translations have been broadly published and prized in Iran as she is well-known for her Persian language skills and accuracy in translations of the best works by the best writers. One of her trademarks is providing the readers with appropriate footnotes to make them experience the works as they are meant to be.