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Sue Anderson

Sue Anderson worked in London and Eindhoven before settling in north-east Scotland. Since 2005 she has focused on academic, educational and literary nonfiction, translating over 20 books to date. Clients include UK and Dutch publishers.

Titles from Dutch include ‘Relational coaching: journeys towards mastering one-to-one learning’ by Professor Erik de Haan (Wiley), ‘A Beginner’s Guide to Mindfulness – Live in the Moment’ by Ernst Bohlmeijer & Monique Hulsbergen (OUP) and ‘Circular Route: A roadmap for a circular business model’ by Guido Braam et al. (Eburon).

Sue has a special interest in animals, e.g. ‘Foals and young horses: training and management for a well-behaved horse’ and ‘Sheep and Goat Diseases: Veterinary Book for Farmers and Smallholders’ (both from German, 5m Books).