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Susan Ridder

Based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Susan has over twenty-five years of translation experience, translating both from English into Dutch, and Dutch into English. Her book translations (into English) include Kristine Groenhart’s children’s book 'Orsippus and the Daily Mile', curator Jurriaan Benschop’s 'Salt in the Wound. Encountering Contemporary Artists Across Europe', architect Paula van der Heiden’s 'Interiors of the Binnenhof. Hidden Heritage Illuminated' and Dutch stand-up comedian Vincent Bijlo’s novel 'The Institute'.

Her other translations include short stories, articles, essays and poetry, and she regularly does translations for Dutch museums, including the Van Gogh Museum, the Amsterdam Hermitage and the Nieuwe Kerk.

She holds degrees in English Language & Literature, Lexicography and Art History from the Universities of Utrecht, Exeter and Glasgow, and lived in Scotland for many years.