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Tibor Bérczes

Tibor Bérczes (b. 1956) studied German and English literary and cultural history in Budapest. His first literary translation, of Maarten ’t Hart’s novel ‘A Flight of Curlews’ (Een vlucht regenwulpen), appeared in 1989. Since then he has translated over 30 works of Dutch fiction and nonfiction into Hungarian, including the following for fiction:

  • ‘The Dinner’ by Herman Koch
  • ‘In the Dutch Mountains’ and ‘The Following Story’ by Cees Nooteboom
  • ‘The Evenings’ by Gerard Reve

And for nonfiction:

  • ‘Swimming with Sharks’ by Joris Luyendijk
  • ‘My Father’s Century’, ‘Amsterdam: A Brief Life of the City’ and ‘In Europe’ by Geert Mak
  • ‘In the Beginning There Was No One’ by Mineke Schipper