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Yanti Mualim

Yanti Mualim (b. 1953, Bandung), was born and raised in Indonesia. From 1979 to 2012 she worked as a journalist, producer and radio presenter on the Indonesian Section of Radio Netherlands Worldwide in Hilversum. In that capacity she has ample experience in translating texts and documents from Dutch and English to Indonesian, as well as editing and abridging them. She has written subtitles for television and films. Yanti has been living in the Netherlands since 1979.


  • Terpukau Sosok Snouck (interview with Philip Dröge about his book Pelgrim) published in Historia
  • Masa-masa Penghabisan (feature about the mansion and grave of Snouck Hurgronje in Leiden) published in Historia
  • Translating and interpreting for the International People’s Tribunal in the Hague
  • Co-author and chief editor of the book Dari Beranda Tribunal