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Abke Haring

Abke Haring (b. 1978) is an actress and theatre maker. Following her graduation project ‘Nageslachtsfarce/genocide’ (2002), she was picked up by the big names in Flemish theatre. Since then she has played in successful productions by the likes of Luk Perceval, Josse De Pauw and Guy Cassiers. Between 2010 and 2018 she was one of the associate artists at Toneelhuis, Antwerp’s prestigious municipal theatre. Haring writes and directs her own plays, in which text goes hand in hand with powerful images and elements from performance art. In 2011 she devised ‘Flou’, a piece that met with great acclaim, with reviews describing it as ‘great art’ and ‘a clean wound’.

Photo © Dries Segers