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The launch of a new website is the perfect moment to think about expanding our plans for promoting great Flemish drama. We are currently working on some interesting tips that we will soon publish here. Watch this space!

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  • Poster 'Aperçu de l'inconnu'
    Poster 'Aperçu de l'inconnu'
    Aperçu de l'inconnu
    This is theatre that derives its reason from social maladies while at the same time providing something for the actors to get stuck in and viewing pleasure for the audience.
    Focus Knack

    The police investigation into the Nijvel gang has become a major debacle in Belgian legal history. In the early eighties, a number of savage raids were carried out on supermarkets, with the perpetrators using brute force and shooting several accidental passers-by in cold blood. Thirty years on, the investigation has reached a dead end. Michael Bijnens, known for his research-based plays, spoke to investigators involved in the case and wrote a fascinating piece of theatre.

  • Cover Greed / Fear / Hope
    Cover Greed / Fear / Hope
    Trilogy: 'Greed' / 'Fear' / 'Hope'
    The striptease of democracy. […] This isn’t even a tragedy any more. This is how things work. Europe.
    De Standaard

    Following years of exponential growth, the economy collapsed in 2008. The stock market crash marked the beginning of a worldwide financial crisis that kept Europe solidly in its grasp. In his trilogy ‘Greed’, ‘Fear’, ‘Hope’, Stijn Devillé fictionalised the events to create a modern, political and economic thriller.

  • Cover Stanley
    Cover Stanley
    Narrative theatre of the most cunning kind. A cracker without frills, but with sequins.
    Focus Knack

    For nearly three years, Henry Morton Stanley chopped a path through a hot and impenetrable African jungle in search of the mouth of the river Congo – without knowing where he was or how much longer it would take. While letting go of the historical figure of Stanley, De Graef retains man’s journey of discovery through the history of our psychology and human-ness.

  • Cover Antigone in Molenbeek
    Cover Antigone in Molenbeek
    Antigone in Molenbeek
    A blend of incisive, sensory perception and condensed poetic speech’

    With ‘Antigone in Molenbeek’ Stefan Hertmans has adapted Sophocles’ tragedy to our contemporary, multicultural society. Antigone is now known as Nouria, a brave young law student from the Brussels district of Molenbeek. Just as in the classic, she wants to pay her last respects to her deceased brother – in Hertmans’ version a suicide bomber – and bury his remains. But the authorities decide otherwise.

  • Cover Waiting and Other Exploits
    Cover Waiting and Other Exploits
    Waiting and Other Heroic Acts
    An aesthetic ‘Waiting for Godot’ for children.

    Four guards are standing in front of a high wall. They are waiting and keeping watch, without knowing why or for how long. Behind the wall is a state secret and everything is suspect, everyone a potential enemy of the state. But everything changes when one of them suddenly disappears and disrupts their unshakable rhythm.

  • Cover BOG
    Cover BOG
    BOG. An attempt at restructuring life
    Everything fits together perfectly in this smart study of life
    De Standaard

    It is the ambition of many plays to get to the essence of human existence. The theatre group BOG take this task very seriously in their self-titled play. What is possible within the short frame of existence, between birth and death?

  • Cover Flou
    Cover Flou
    A gem in every respect
    De Volkskrant

    A woman and a man are standing side by side onstage; in the background the remnants of their living room, cold and bare. Side by side, but not together, they stare into space. Is there not a spark of love or passion left?

  • Photo Us/Them © Bronks
    Photo Us/Them © Bronks
    A remarkable piece of theatre – playful, surprisingly and painfully funny as well as moving
    The Guardian

    1 September 2004. Chechen rebels force their way into a Russian school and hold more than a thousand pupils, teachers and parents hostage inside the gymnasium. Three days later the siege comes to a horrendous conclusion. Two surviving school children try to describe the siege in as much detail as possible to get to grips with the terrible events. But before long, their imagination takes over.

  • Cover Fort Europe. A Canticle of Fragmentation
    Cover Fort Europe. A Canticle of Fragmentation
    Fort Europa. A Canticle of Fragmentation
    Virtuoso writing and an intellectually challenging reflection of our living environment
    De Standaard

    In this polyphonic theatre novella, there are fantasises, speculations and brainstorms in antitheses about the future of Europe. Seven anonymous Europeans tell their stories. Lanoye describes a future Europe that is dominated by dissatisfaction and the longing for a better version of itself.

  • Cover Friday
    Cover Friday
    ‘Friday’ introduced characters who became classics.
    De Volkskrant

    Claus does not shy away from brutality in this piece. In fluent and vivid colloquial language, a mix of words and idioms from the West Flemish dialect and standard Dutch, he delivers a raw story that crossed all boundaries of genre and decency at the time.

  • The Van Paemel Family
    A moving play
    NBD Biblion

    In ‘The Van Paemel Family’, Cyriel Buysse addresses the social exploitation and immense poverty of the rural population. Buysse paints a picture of how the farmer becomes ruined and his family falls apart as a result of socioeconomic conditions. Although Buysse offers no solutions to the conflict, there is still a glimmer of hope.