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An eccentric variation on Bluebeard’s tale

A Creepy Girl

Edward van de Vendel & Isabelle Vandenabeele

Louise is nostalgic for the time when she was a real creepy girl. And she longs for Rotboy, with whom she used to do scary things. Now she’s all by herself and life is boring. Louise decides to go to the Shivver Woods, the best place for creepy adventures. There she bumps into Rotboy. He takes her to his castle with the many keys. And while she’s still trying to please him, he leaves again, forbidding her to talk, ask questions or touch anything... That doesn’t sit well with a creepy girl who’s not into boring things, so she starts investigating: which doors can be opened with all those keys? Back in the day, Rotboy used to collect girls’ handkerchiefs, but now Louise discovers the heads of her school friends behind a closed door.

The strong, uncompromising linocuts in red, blue and black by Isabelle Vandenabeele underpin the rebellious mood of the text.
De Bond

‘A creepy girl’ is a remarkable adaptation of ‘Bluebeard’, the gruesome fairy tale about desire, fantasy, lust and fatal attraction. Vandenabeele’s distinctive style complements the creepy narrative: using her own unique method – lithography, woodcuts and etchings – she creates strong, jagged lines and vivid, expressive colours.

A rich and beautifully detailed picture book