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An exciting, heart-warming story

A Giant of a Bear

Seppe Van den Berghe & Kristien Dieltiens
A heart-warming illustrated novel for children, which adults will enjoy too
De Morgen

Bron is growing to be too big for his mother’s milk, which means he has to learn how to catch salmon. He finds that boring though; he’d much rather explore the world around him, and all the interesting things just waiting to be discovered. Ma is worried, because Pa just disappeared one day, never to return. Despite this, Bron slips away, and is captured by people. Fortunately, Ma manages to enlist the help of a whole group of other animals, and together they manage to free Bron, also finding an old friend in the process.

An absolute triumph
NBD Biblion

Kristien Dieltiens starts this book using very simple words and sentences, which gradually become longer and more difficult, creating an exciting story that can grow along with a child’s reading level. It’s a moving portrayal of a relationship between a mother and son. The illustrations made by Dieltiens’ own son, Seppe Van den Berghe, add plenty of atmosphere and emotion to the story. Using various techniques, he makes images that are sometimes classic, sometimes daring, and which play an important role in this wonderful illustrated novel for children.