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Age 0-4

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  • Cover 'Bear's Glasses'
    Cover 'Bear's Glasses'
    Bear's Glasses
    Another gorgeous Timmers spectacle, full of captivating details.
    De Morgen on 'The Monster Lake'

    Bear can’t find his glasses anywhere, and without them he can’t see properly. On his way to Giraffe, Bear sees all kinds of animals that were never there before. He makes Giraffe curious and they set off together to retrace the route. But now with his glasses on (they were on his head all along), Bear can no longer find the deer, the crocodile, the elephant and the flamingo. Might his glasses be broken? 

  • Cover 'Just Look!'
    Cover 'Just Look!'
    Just Look!
    Sensitive and delicate, with streaks of unruly humour
    De Morgen

    Slug tells Toad that something is about to happen, without saying exactly what. Together they wait. When the sun rises, it becomes clear to the reader what Slug means but meanwhile Toad has become too agitated to be able to enjoy the sparkling splendour. ‘Just Look!’ appeals to us to look around us, but even more importantly to want, to dare, to see everyday miracles.

  • Cover 'Fox, Bird and Me'
    Cover 'Fox, Bird and Me'
    Fox, Bird and Me
    The few, but beautifully chosen words support the magical pictures in the same way the friends are a powerful support for one other.

    A girl looks out of the window, bored. She’s searching for something, even though she doesn’t know what. Suddenly, she hears wings flap. She goes outside, curious, and meets Bird and Fox.
    Fox, Bird and Me’ is a hopeful tale about the power of friendship and it shows how we can overcome difficulties with the help of others. But it can also be read as a book that calls for a revaluation of nature whilst also paying attention to mental wellbeing: a book about life itself.

  • Cover 'I’ll Stay If I May'
    Cover 'I’ll Stay If I May'
    I’ll Stay If I May
    A delightful book to read aloud on cold, wet days.
    De Standaard

    Crocodile Maurice ends up in a wood by accident. All animals quickly become fond of his cheerful company. But when a storm comes, he’s left behind, alone. What’s more, all the animals soon forget their new friend. Fortunately there’s Mole. Friendship and sociability, fleeing and finding refuge, and the beauty of caring for each other are central in this colourful picture book.

  • The Monster Lake
    The Monster Lake
    The Monster Lake
    Another gorgeous Timmers spectacle, full of captivating details.
    De Morgen

    Four ducks get bored of their little pond. ‘Come on, we’re going to the lake!’ decides one of the four fearlessly. Erik walks at the back of the group and cautiously expresses his doubts. The lake? Doesn’t a terrible monster live there? Unimpressed by Erik’s objections, the group continues undaunted, off on an adventure. In ‘The Monster Lake’, Leo Timmers demonstrates once again what makes him unique as an illustrator.

  • Het vrolijkste en grootste boek van alle voertuigen
    Het vrolijkste en grootste boek van alle voertuigen
    The Biggest and Cheeriest Book of All Vehicles
    We seldom see so much humour, beauty and linguistic creativity.
    Cutting Edge, on ‘Show and Tell Me the World

    In this unusual and colourful look-and-learn book, Schamp takes us on a journey through the centuries, from the invention of the wheel to the car of tomorrow. ‘The Biggest and Cheeriest Book of All Vehicles’ carries the unmistakable stamp of Tom Schamp. You’ll never tire of looking at the packed pages with their vibrant colours. A book that fills both children and the adults reading to them with joy.

  • Cover - The King's Golden Beard
    Cover - The King's Golden Beard
    The King's Golden Beard
    A clever, biting fable!

    ‘The King’s Golden Beard’ is an allegorical fairy tale as absurd as it is topical, with delightful humour. It makes children think about the meaning of power and the use of power, and demonstrates the dangers of dictatorial rulers.

  • Cover - The Kind Crocodile
    Cover - The Kind Crocodile
    The Kind Crocodile
    Another Timmers hit

    One day, Crocodile decides to leave his pond and to head into the big wide world. That’s when he realises that quite a few of his friends are in trouble. ‘The Kind Crocodile’ is a light-hearted and funny cumulative tale about the unexpected power of teamwork. 

  • Cover 'What's In That Hat?'
    Cover 'What's In That Hat?'
    What’s In That Hat?
    Shows infinite creativity

    In the playful numbers book ‘What’s In That Hat?’, celebrated illustrator Judith Vanistendael joins forces with typesetter Peter De Roy. The two use basic wooden blocks designed to create woodcuts and Vanistendael conjures up animals in coloured pencil. The end result is a seemingly simple, but ingenious little book. 

  • Little Mouse’s Big Adventure
    Little Mouse’s Big Adventure
    Little Mouse’s Big Adventure
    Inventive, touching and very skilfully made
    De Morgen on Gerda De Preter’s work

    Little Mouse is running through the woods, trying to find granddad. Owl seems to know where granddad is and offers Little Mouse pride of place at his table. But Little Mouse soon discovers that Owl has other plans. ‘Little Mouse’s Big Adventure’ is a thrilling adventure and a gripping, heart-warming and humorous story to read to children. 

  • Cover 'Later When I'm Big'
    Cover 'Later When I'm Big'
    Later When I’m Big
    What verve, what movement

    A little girl goes swimming with her mother and dreams about all the things she’ll dare to do when she’s bigger. She makes wild plans and dreams big, but secretly she’s glad she can be small for a while yet. ‘Later When I’m Big’ is a poetic book in which reality and fantasy overlap.

  • Cover 'A Sea of Love'
    Triple prize winner
    Cover 'A Sea of Love'
    Triple prize winner
    A Sea of Love
    A sea of beauty. It’s difficult to imagine a more beautiful plea for love.
    De Standaard

    Penguin crosses the ocean to the house of his friend Bear. He wants to tell him a big secret, so big that it will change everything: he’s in love with Bear. Even the most hard-hearted of readers will be captivated by this love story for its humour and the playful, exceptional use of colour. ‘A Sea of Love’ shows that love is love, no matter who you are.

  • Cover 'The Very Best Invention in the Whole Wide World'
    Cover 'The Very Best Invention in the Whole Wide World'
    The Very Best Invention in the Whole Wide World
    Fun and colourful, enjoyable and accessible.
    De Standaard

    Lola is clever. Very clever. She solves every single problem with her inventions. But there’s one problem she doesn’t have a solution for: her little brother Lander seems sad. Why doesn’t he want to play with her? In her colourful drawings, Debroey shows that knowledge can be for everyone and that you’ve always got something to learn, no matter how clever you are.

  • Cover of 'Full of Fruit'
    Cover of 'Full of Fruit'
    Full of Fruit
    It is about the pure pleasure of looking, and then looking again
    De Morgen on ‘Whose Zoo?’

    A playful, wordless picture book with a starring role for fruits, vegetables and insects, which encourages readers to look, search and look again like never before. Geert Vervaeke plays with simple, pure forms and vibrant colours that, when combined, produce unexpected new images. She hopes that this book will encourage children to let their imagination run wild.

  • Cover 'Elephant's Island'
    Cover 'Elephant's Island'
    Elephant Island
    Yet another triumphant experiment for the award-winning Timmers
    New York Times

    Elephant is shipwrecked, right in the middle of the ocean. Luckily he finds an island that’s just big enough to stand on. Several rescue attempts go awry, but the island becomes a wonderful place in the process. In this jolly book, Leo Timmers swaps his beloved wheeled vehicles for boats. ‘Elephant’s Island’ is captivating proof of Timmers’ skill as an illustrator and storyteller.

  • Cover 'A Rope in the Air'
    Cover 'A Rope in the Air'
    A Rope in the Air
    De Leeuw never fails to enchant us

    A dangling rope takes us on a chase through a city in this scintillating picture book without words. It is grabbed in turn by a water ballerina, a super hero, a window cleaner, a monkey in the zoo and a bandit on the run. Where does that rope come from? In this cheerful story, Mattias De Leeuw exploits the innate flamboyance of his drawing style.

  • Cover 'The Blues Against the Reds'
    Cover 'The Blues Against the Reds'
    The Blues Against the Reds
    Original and utterly funny

    Tomorrow morning Bluebeard and his brave knights will make mincemeat of Redfang and his men. Redfang is hatching the same plan. But as the two warring bands advance towards each other, they discover that bloodshed can wait. Game on! Restricting himself to using only a four-colour ballpoint pen, Benjamin Leroy has created a high-spirited adventure in four colours.

  • Cover 'Onder de wol'
    Cover 'Onder de wol'
    Seven Little Penguins
    A wonderful little book to read at bedtime

    It’s bedtime for seven young penguins, but they don’t fancy going to sleep at all. They want to play in the snow. When a red thread twirls past, their curiosity is piqued. A playful, accessible book to read at bedtime to adventurous and curious minds. Wide-awake toddlers everywhere will recognize themselves in this book!  

  • Cover of Shut That Door!
    Cover of Shut That Door!

    Two dogs are sitting quietly in Brasserie Bulldog. Bad weather is forecast and it’s not long before the wind starts to cause chaos in their corner of the brasserie. For goodness sake, who left that door open? With his own unique collage style, Koen Van Biesen presents a lively new story full of details that catch the eye only after several readings. 

  • Cover of The Fantastic Flying Competition
    Cover of The Fantastic Flying Competition
    The Fantastic Flying Competition
    You will never tire of looking at these drawings
    NRC Handelsblad

    Ten teams line up at the start of the Flying Competition for Birds. They’re all bursting to win, except that Team Owl has overslept yet again. In thirteen large, detailed landscapes illustrator Sebastiaan Van Doninck takes the reader along for a thrilling contest full of humorous details. In the bright watercolours we discover the real story of the race.


  • Cover 'Elke dag iemand anders'
    Cover 'Elke dag iemand anders'
    Someone Else Every Day
    A scintillating ode to an unbridled imagination, with exceptionally dynamic pictures
    De Morgen

    Juno is someone else every day: a conductor, a deep-sea diver, a racing driver, a teacher. Her imagination knows no bounds. But then a large beast creeps into Juno’s imagination, over which she soon loses control. With a stripped-down, minimal text and exuberant illustrations, ‘Someone Else Every Day’ is a playful ode to the imagination, while not denying that it can have a downside too.

  • Cover Sleep Tight!
    Cover Sleep Tight!
    Sleep Tight!
    De Leeuw does not need much to create a world of his own, showing us that simple can be great.

    While his sister has been in the land of Nod for a while, brother is not yet ready for bed. First he has to tuck in his cuddly toy, chase away bad dreams, count the stars and feel cold. 'Sleep Tight!’ is a cheerful little book about not wanting to go to sleep, the power of fantasy and… of books.

  • Cover Where is the Dragon?
    Cover Where is the Dragon?
    Where is the Dragon?
    Typical Timmers slapstick, with plenty of quirkiness, optical illusions and eye for detail

    The king has seen a dragon and is afraid to go to bed before his three bravest knights have slain it. But where does the dragon hide in the dark? The three knights are undaunted, convinced they will soon find him. But it is not as easy as they had thought. A great adventure in saturated colour.

  • Cover - It's a Great Big Colourful World
    Cover - It's a Great Big Colourful World

    Calm Leon takes Otto on a journey through the world of colour. This Encyclopaedia Otto-colorista is a feast for the eyes: after the restrained grey, black and white, the pages are a riot of colour and detail and there is always something new to discover. An abundance of colour you can’t stop looking at.

  • Cover - Viktor
    Cover - Viktor

    Viktor, a recreational hunter, has long dreamt of shooting a cheetah. When he finally manages to, his happiness does not last long. At night, he dreams of the cheetahs that have lost a friend. He is overcome by an unparalleled feeling of empathy and remorse and thinks of a shrewd plan to make amends.

  • Cover - My House Is at the Zoo
    Cover - My House Is at the Zoo
    My House
    The illustrations are works of art in their own right
    Cutting Edge

    Pieter Gaudesaboos has created a colourful series of books about remarkable houses full of surprising animals. ‘My House Is At the Zoo’ and 'A House Full of Friends’ are not merely colourful books for reading aloud, they are look-and-find books to teach children to look more closely at the illustrations. Just the job for true detectives!

  • Cover - On the Road with Monkey
    NY Times Favourite
    Cover - On the Road with Monkey
    NY Times Favourite
    Monkey on the Run
    The pleasure of drawing leaps off the pages, which are packed with jokes

    Daddy Monkey and his son are on their way home on the banana bike. But it’s so busy, and everyone’s driving so slowly! And Monkey Junior is in the mood for monkeying about. He escapes from his safety seat and goes off to explore the traffic jam. The street is like a playground! This wordless picture book is full of stories and fantastic details in vibrant colours.

  • Cover 'Whose Zoo?'
    Cover 'Whose Zoo?'

    An animal inside an animal inside an animal. Nothing is as it seems in this wordless look-and-find book. Geert Vervaeke plays masterfully with perspectives, compositions and positive and negative space. This book is one big optical illusion inspired by the Rorschach test and optical illusions.

  • Cover Round the Block
    Cover Round the Block
    Round the Block
    Her illustrations are delicate, intimate and extremely beautiful.
    The Guardian on ‘When David Lost His Voice’

    In this stunning visual tour-de-force, much-lauded cartoonist and illustrator Judith Vanistendael reinvents herself. She returns to the essence: armed with scissors, glue, paper and a risograph printer, she creates the purest sequence possible. ‘Round the Block’ is an ode to fantasy and Vanistendael’s more than successful debut for a new target audience.


  • Cover I Am Happy
    Cover I Am Happy
    Nellie & Cezar
    The illustrations are a feast of detail with lots of bright, cheerful colours.
    De Leeswelp

    Nellie the Mouse and Cezar the Frog have been inseparable for over twenty years and are best friends to little children. There’s a whole string of books and other publications around these two figures: from picture, text and activity books to a television series and hand puppets. Ingrid Godon and Bette Westera have now joined forces to give the franchise a fresh new overhaul.

  • Cover Rising High
    Cover Rising High
    Rising High
    Extraordinary, colourful and imaginative

    In this two-metre-long colourful leporello, teeming with details and humour, we follow a girl and a boy on their voyage of discovery through a skyscraper and meet its remarkable residents. An enchanting wordless book that doubles as a measuring chart and exudes imagination and joyfulness.

  • Cover A house for Harry
    Cover A house for Harry
    A House for Harry
    All of his books are a feast to read and look at together
    de Volkskrant

    Leo Timmers shows off his best side in this cheery story about the scared cat Harry. He gives form to Harry’s quest with beautiful compositions and a relatively subdued colour palette. Timmers paints the fearful cat and his unfamiliar surroundings in his unique style, with precise details. A new highpoint in Timmers’ exceptional oeuvre.

  • Cover Tinkleman
    Cover Tinkleman
    This duo invariably persuades with original and humorous stories
    Cutting Edge

    Tinkleman may be a super-hero, but his extraordinary gift - being able to fill an entire swimming pool with pee, and to pee in a nice straight stream without any splashes - is not often called upon.

  • Cover Oskar
    Cover Oskar
    A great creative and imaginative adventure full of surrealistic braveness and subtle humor
    Global Illustration Awards Jury

    Oskar is a special toy dinosaur. Ever since a little boy received Oskar as a present, the two have been inseparable. So when the boy suddenly loses his buddy, he doesn’t just accept it, but sets off fearlessly in search of the creature. This is the start of a fantastic adventure in which mountains are moved, seas are crossed and the two friends face great dangers.

  • Cover Circus Night
    Cover Circus Night
    Circus Night
    A book without words but teeming with stories
    De Standaard

    When a little girl sees a jet-black puppy in her bedroom window in this wordless picture book, it marks the beginning of an exceptional night. The clown on the bedroom wall also comes to life and transports the little girl to the circus. In ‘Circus Night’, De Leeuw plays with reality, imagination, dreams and fantasy.

  • Cover Suzy Doozy and the Scissors
    Cover Suzy Doozy and the Scissors

    Suzy Doozy is a headstrong girl with boundless energy and imagination. In a series devoted to her adventures, she more than lives up to her impish name. Benjamin Leroy and Jaap Robben illustrate and write with a lot of empathy and love for this recalcitrant heroine.

  • Cover - Wake up Walter
    Cover - Wake up Walter
    Wake up Walter
    The illustrations demonstrate impressive skill and a steady hand.

    Walter is always falling asleep. It doesn’t matter where he is: at his birthday party, on the seesaw, in the swimming pool. His parents try everything they can think of to wake him up, but nothing works. Until a little dog walks in by accident and licks Walter’s face. A wonderful universe full of magical details.

  • Cover - Me and the Bear
    Cover - Me and the Bear

    The central character in ‘Me and the Bear’ is young Leo, who in his own eyes meets with resistance everywhere. Only a brown bear does not run away from him. That is the beginning of a friendship that gives Leo enough confidence to go on.

  • Cover - Show & tell me the world
    Cover - Show & tell me the world
    Show & Tell Me the World
    We seldom see so much humour, beauty and linguistic creativity.
    Cutting Edge

    In this colourful encyclopaedia, children discover the world and learn new words in a playful way. The result is a hefty introductory and comprehensive work, full of dynamic characters and objects, offering a generous sampling of Tom Schamp’s craftsmanship. His illustrations represent a blend of Richard Scarry’s ‘Busy, Busy Town’ and Martin Handford’s ‘Where’s Waldo’.

  • Cover Vasco the Soccer-Pig
    Cover Vasco the Soccer-Pig
    Vasco the Soccer-Pig
    Verster is a master at evoking atmosphere and longing.

    Five-year-old Matteo has the best day of his life when he gets a soccer ball and a pig for his birthday. For Vasco the pig, it’s also the best day of his life – it’s not even his birthday and he still gets Matteo. Edward van de Vendel beautifully describes the loving friendship between Vasco and Matteo, while Alain Verster adds another dimension to the story through his illustrations.

  • Cover Come And Find Me!
    Cover Come And Find Me!
    Come And Find Me!
    Visual surprises and plenty of funny details
    NDB Biblion

    When Hummingbird asks Croc to play a game, the crocodile’s reaction is a little condescending: 'No, you’re far too teeny-tiny.' When Croc finally comes round and they play hide-and-seek together, Hummingbird’s size is its strength: it’s not easy for the crocodile to find the little bird in the dense jungle.

  • Cover A Giant of a Bear
    Cover A Giant of a Bear

    Bron is growing to be too big for his mother’s milk. He can't wait to explore the world around him, and all the interesting things just waiting to be discovered. Bron slips away, and is captured by people. Fortunately, Ma manages to enlist the help of a whole group of other animals, and together they manage to free Bron.

  • Cover Gus's Garage
    Cover Gus's Garage
    Gus’s Garage
    Supersaturated hues and maximum automotive whimsy make this one to pore over.
    Kirkus Review

    Gus is a happy do-it-yourselfer. No job is too big or too difficult for him. Luckily, he has plenty of useful stuff lying around and he always comes up with creative solutions. Timmers has thoroughly indulged himself designing the most ingenious vehicles, replete with pedals and handles.

  • Cover The Pruwahaha Monster
    Cover The Pruwahaha Monster
    The Pruwahaha Monster
    A creative twist that children who like a bit of the shivers will delight in no end
    School Library Connection

    A five-year-old boy has come along with his father to have a go on his favorite swing near the woods. But while he's been having fun swinging, a huge monster has woken up nearby from a very long nap. Children will be on the edge of their seats listening to this lively picture book, which is full of humour and suspense. This book offers the right amount of thrill, balanced with humour and the warmth of the relationship between the boy and his father.

  • Cover Franky
    Cover Franky
    A tender, funny friendship story
    Publishers Weekly

    Sam is crazy about robots and goes around telling everyone that they live on a distant planet. Nobody believes him. Fed up, he decides to create someone who does understand him. Using parts from a vacuum cleaner, a desk lamp, a radio and a rake he puts together Franky, his very own robot.

  • Cover I'm the strongest
    Cover I'm the strongest
    I'm the Strongest!
    The sober illustrations have an expressive effect
    NBD Biblion

    Piglet thinks he’s the strongest and even dares to enter into a trial of strength with Elephant. This results in a number of humorously detailed but doomed attempts to lift the ten-ton animal. The combination of dark tones, supplemented by a striking red and bright blue, make for eye-catching pictures. 

  • Cover - What's inside that crate?
    Cover - What's inside that crate?
    What´s Inside That Crate?
    One of our country’s most original illustrators

    Six characters try to guess what’s inside the crate they’re about to transport. They all imagine it’s some kind of exotic animal. Though they transport the crate with the greatest care, they can’t prevent it from breaking open repeatedly. And each time a smaller crate appears. A veritable feast!

  • Cover My Book of Nice Sounds
    Cover My Book of Nice Sounds

    In this book of verse, Edward van de Vendel captures fifty everyday sounds for the smallest of children, in an extremely original way. With no buttons to push, no mimicry or clichés, this beautiful book is full of original rhymes.

  • Cover - Red
    Cover - Red
    Thoughtful and beautifully illustrated
    Kirkus Reviews

    It starts almost imperceptibly, with something innocuous. Tommy is shy, he blushes easily. A little girl notices it, points to him and winks at Paul, the biggest bully of all. Jan de Kinder offers us a powerful story about strong children on the playground who don’t like bullying.

  • Cover - My Favourite Dictionary of Toys
    Cover - My Favourite Dictionary of Toys
    My Favourite Dictionary of Toys
    A nostalgic journey through time by means of beautiful pictures
    De Morgen

    With ‘My Favourite Dictionary of Toys’, young children can learn their first words: ‘dog’, ‘boat’ and ‘pear’, but also ‘speed merchant’ and ‘smitten’. With his typical style – a mix of collage, drawings and graphic work – Gaudesaboos creates a colourful book yet without excess, because he limits himself to depicting only a single word per page.

  • Cover Applesauce
    Cover Applesauce

    ‘Applesauce’ is a refreshing complement to all the picture books in which dads are always heroes. Here you see a father as he really is: he often realises his role of superdad, but occasionally he can be found lazing on the sofa and sometimes he even changes to scary and grumpy, with thunder in his voice and lightening in his hands.

  • Cover Bernie & Flora
    Cover Bernie & Flora
    Bernie & Flora
    A warm story you can relate to, skilfully written and illustrated
    De Bond

    Bernie and Flora are a bear and a duck who like the same things and have been friends for years. A series of four books describes their adventures together. The books are an ode to friendship and love, and they also show how both characters need to have respect for each other’s individuality.

  • Otto Drives Back and Forth to the City
    A feast for the eye
    De Morgen

    Otto and his dad spot some weird and wonderful sights as they drive through the village into the dazzling heart of the city. In dynamic prints full of detailed pictures, Tom Schamp brings all kinds of animals to life in the most bizarre and remarkable vehicles. This wonderful picture book guarantees to provide hours of viewing pleasure.

  • Cover Bang
    Cover Bang
    The maddest most irresistible picture book
    Meg Rosoff

    One big, hilarious pile-up – that’s ‘Bang’, a fabulous picture book story with hardly any words. Animals of all kinds go crashing into each other. They all have their own reasons for not noticing they’re about to smash into the others. But what a happy crash it is! The colourful illustrations make this book a feast for the eye.

  • Cover The Magical Life of Mr. Renny
    Cover The Magical Life of Mr. Renny
    The Magical Life of Mr. Renny
    Vibrant and highly entertaining
    Publishers Weekly

    One day a stranger offers to make Mr. Renny’s dreams come true: everything he paints will come to life. Then his friend Rose asks if she can buy one of his paintings. The spell has to be broken – and soon! In this story, with a big nod to Belgian surrealist painter René Magritte, Leo Timmers combines a rich imagination with a clear, purified visual language.

  • Cover - Tommie en de toernhoge boterham
    Cover - Tommie en de toernhoge boterham
    Sammy and the Skyscraper Sandwich
    Funky, colourful, retro-inspired and utterly cool
    Kids’ Book Review

    Sammy is a little boy with a huge appetite, he feels like eating the biggest, tallest sandwich in the world.
    An ode to the creative fantasy of toddlers, who love to convert features of their surroundings into something quite different for a while. This is a look-and-find book full of visual discoveries that will endlessly excite the smallest of children, and indeed their parents.

  • Alex is a gluttonous little pig. ‘Don’t eat when we’re not eating’, his mother says. Alex is stopped by a monster who eyes him as a tasty morsel, whom he manages to distract with clever tricks. But every monster has a mother, and all mothers are more or less alike. A veritable feast for keen observers.


  • Cover The Big Book of Fox and Hare
    Cover The Big Book of Fox and Hare
    The Big Book of Fox and Hare
    Impressive in its simplicity
    De Leeswelp

    Fox and Hare live together in the wood, next door to Owl. They love each other and they tease each other and, as befits an inseparable duo, they’re complete opposites. Vanden Heede succeeds in creating unforgettable characters in a fresh and funny style. The story’s so much fun that the readers barely notice the words and sentences are getting longer and longer.


  • Cover Mouse!
    Cover Mouse!
    Beautiful illustrations: evocative images with clever ideas
    De Leeswelp

    Mouse is wrestling with an identity crisis. He’s always comparing himself with others, and sees himself as inferior. He dreams of being another animal. But Mouse learns that the other animals' lives also have their drawbacks. At the end of his journey of discovery, he realises that there’s only one animal he really wants to be: Mouse.

  • Cover Little White Fish
    Cover Little White Fish
    Little White Fish
    A beautiful picture book to get to know all the colours of the rainbow.

    Since 2004, this loveable little white fish has been part of Guido Van Genechten’s oeuvre. In this first adventure, little white fish goes in search of his mother. Along the way, he meets creatures of all kinds and colours: a red crab, an orange starfish, a yellow snail, a green turtle, a blue whale and a purple octopus.

  • Cover The Queen of Cuddles
    Cover The Queen of Cuddles
    The Queen of Cuddles
    A feast for the eyes, and an intelligently composed life lesson for both child and parent
    Het Belang van Limburg

    A little princess loves cuddling, but her mother, Queen Mummy, never has any time for her. She is too busy receiving important visitors. And so the princess goes in search of the Queen of Cuddles. Along the way, she meets various queens who do have time for her and with each of them she has some lovely moments.

  • Cover Ricky
    Cover Ricky
    A rabbit family that you instantly adopt as your own
    De Leeswelp

    Ricky Rabbit is different from the other rabbits: his right ear droops, while his left ear stands straight up. Whatever he does, the other rabbits make fun of him. In the end, his humour earns him a place in the group as the entertainer. 

  • Cover Elly Dark Blue
    Cover Elly Dark Blue
    Elly Dark Blue
    A timeless, enchanting and colourful love story

    Geert De Kockere’s poetic language and Lieve Baeten’s gorgeous illustrations lift this book above the average, as does its content: together with Elly Dark Blue, readers learn that there is more beyond a monochromatic world.