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An impressive and bold debut


Yannick Pelegrin

Aldo has been twenty-eight for three hundred years. Despite that lengthy period of time, he still does not have very good social skills. His whole family has been dead a long while and nobody believes he is immortal. As a result, he leads a lonely existence. He is afraid to love anything or anyone, except for his beautiful Alfa Romeo and his little pug Gustaaf. When he tries to seek professional help, there too the truth seems too absurd for words. But then he spots someone on television and recognises him from an encounter two hundred years ago. He decides to visit the man to get some answers.

A masterful first book ****
Cutting Edge

Yannick Pelegrin’s debut is impressive in so many ways: the use of colour and the drawings themselves reflect a surprising maturity, while the plot and the text are of the highest quality too. Pelegrin has created a very distinctive atmosphere in ‘Aldo’, and has the audacity to gradually chip away at the reliability and credibility of the narrator. The final few pages place the entire album in a whole new light. A refreshing book by a very promising first-time author.

This impressive debut is a little gem of a book ****