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Arthurian trilogy full of contemporary humour

The Quest

Wauter Mannaert & Frédéric Maupomé

The Pellinors have been hunting the Beast for a thousand years - to no avail. Now that their descendant Pelli has reached adulthood and does not know what to do with his life, he decides he might as well accept the quest of his forefathers. For that he needs the magic help of the Lady of the Lake. But Nimue, whose magic isn’t what it used to be, wants to join the quest. And besides, it turns out there are challengers waiting in the wings in this first part of a trilogy.

Mannaert is one of the stars of the contemporary graphic novel

‘The Quest’ is a contemporary, action-filled adventure story that will win over any reader with its sympathetic underdog characters. Scriptwriter Frédéric Maupomé clearly knows what he’s doing and builds the suspense, while illustrator Wauter Mannaert’s vivid humour and pace bring the story to life. Criticism of contemporary society, in which the economy has priority over the environment and magic has been replaced with banality, has been subtly woven into the narrative. With its colourful, dynamic drawings and wondrous events, ‘The Quest’ is bound to appeal to young and old alike.

With its breath-taking and whacky ingredients it will appeal to both young and old – like Tintin, to anyone between 7 and 77.
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