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That's what dads are really like


Klaas Verplancke

‘Applesauce’ is a refreshing complement to all the picture books in which dads are always heroes. Here you see a father as he really is: he often realises his role of superdad, but occasionally he can be found lazing on the sofa and sometimes he even changes to scary and grumpy, with thunder in his voice and lightening in his hands. When he loses his rag, his son gets scared. So scared that he starts looking for a better dad. A nice dad with fingers that taste like applesauce. Dad needs some time to come round. But his son is not quick to give in, either. It takes two to make up!

An endearing daddy book
Gazet Van Antwerpen

For this heart-warming book Klaas Verplancke was nominated for the prestigious Flemish children’s book awards: the Boekenleeuw for the best story and the Boekenpauw for the best illustrations. Justifiably so: he finds the perfect balance between words and pictures. Not a single sentence is superfluous in this beautifully-worded story, in which applesauce is described with such imagery that you can smell and taste it. Verplancke also plays with a colour palette that wonderfully illustrates the mood and evolution of the story. A fascinating illustrated book that will appeal to old, young and younger.

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Finger-licking good!
Boekenleeuw jury
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