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A series about friendship and love

Bernie & Flora

Annemie Berebrouckx

Bernie and Flora are a bear and a duck who like the same things and have been friends for years. A series of four books describes their adventures together. The books are an ode to friendship and love, and they also show how both characters need to have respect for each other’s individuality.

In the first part of the series, Bernie ❤  Flora, we see how, despite their differences, the pair are inseparable. Flora loves to work in Bernie’s garden, where he grows the most beautiful flowers. But one day, she arrives at Bernie’s house to find that his flowers have all disappeared. And there’s no sign of Bernie either. Flora turns detective and questions Bernie’s friends. What she eventually discovers is even more beautiful than Bernie’s garden.

A warm story you can relate to, skilfully written and illustrated
De Bond

The other parts focus on Bernie’s mania for collecting things (Bernie Finds a Piece of Paper), his adventures with camping and homesickness (Bernie Goes on a Bear-Campout), Flora’s preparations for Bernie’s surprise birthday party (It’s Bernie’s Birthday) and Bernie taking care of Flora when she gets ill (Bernie Takes Care of Flora). 

The illustrations in each of the books consist of large scenes spread over two pages, in which certain important details stand out in bright, vivid colours, while others have been deliberately left in black-and white. 

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous
Buzz Words Books
Bernie Goes on a Bear-Campout, It’s Bernie’s Birthday, Bernie Takes Care of Flora and Bernie Finds a Piece of Paper