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Everyone borderline?

Borderline Times

Dirk De Wachter

"Fifty years ago nobody had heard of ‘borderline’; today it is by far the number one diagnosis in psychiatry. Surely our brain has not changed dramatically over that period of time. In my opinion it is a symptom of a society where the rat-race rules and where freedom, pleasure, success and kicks are our highest possible aims", author Dirk De Wachter stated in an interview.

In 'Borderline Times' Dirk De Wachter describes how the nine symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) are present in all of us. His diagnosis upon observing our society is: ‘borderline’.

An eye-opener for everyone who thinks he/she is normal and that only others suffer psychologically.
Yves Desmet

Everyone Borderline?

  1. Do I suffer from separation anxiety?
  2. Do I have a stable relationship?
  3. Do I have my aggression under control?
  4. Do I know who I am?
  5. Do I look beyond the superficial?
  6. Do I give in to my impulses?
  7. Am I sensitive to hypes?
  8. Do I know the meaning of life?
  9. Do I strive for external perfection?

Dirk De Wachter demonstrates how little the difference is between patients and non-patients. Everyone is borderline. From a status of non-existing to most commonly used diagnosis.