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Apocalyptic steampunk western


Miel Vandepitte

In a dystopia that lies halfway between a western and science fiction, a team of adventurers goes in search of a mythical hoard of gold said to be located in the ghost town of Centralia. In the protracted war between humanity and the evil proboscis monkeys, the treasure would give the humans a sorely needed boost. But in doomed Centralia the ground is so hot that you have to move high in the air, and the proboscis monkeys, also looking for the hoard, soon spot our heroes.

An impressive debut

Inspired by the real Centralia, a mining town in Pennsylvania where an underground mine fire has been burning since 1962, Miel Vandepitte creates a world full of adventure, excitement and improbable characters. He has a field day portraying a fantastic abandoned metropolis full of spectacular buildings, as he juggles with perspectives and formidable panoramas. A beautiful range of colours and a fine pen complete the picture. With this debut, Vandepitte proves that we can expect a great deal from him in the future.

A talent has emerged here that we’re going to be hearing a lot about.
Cutting Edge
From start to finish a delight to the eye. This promises great things for the future.
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