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Identity crisis in eccentric colours


Dieter VDO

Dino is thirteen when he and his father move from the city to the countryside, where both have to start their lives afresh. Dino, whose real name is Didier but who prefers to be called Dino because of his passion for everything dinosaur-related, is desperately trying to settle into his new school. His father Eddy starts work at the local chip factory, where his rather intimidating colleagues do not exactly welcome him with open arms. While Dino struggles with terrible hormonal acne and would love to be Luke Perry of Beverly Hills 90210, his father is slowly falling to pieces.

A master of unspoken emotions and nuances

Dieter VDO’s signature cartoonesque figures in eccentric colours produce a deeply human story, one that is both tragicomic and recognisable. Using gouache and watercolours, he evokes a universe filled with fantasy and nods to nineties pop culture. In his very distinctive visual language, he portrays unspoken emotions with visual ingenuity.

An explosion of colour and grotesque characters. A class act
Masterly storytelling
Cutting Edge