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A profound analysis of how culture and society affect our mental well-being


Paul Verhaeghe

A feeling of discontent is part of our humanity. Despite prosperity on all fronts, the unrest in our society is increasing. In this book, Paul Verhaeghe shows that every era has its own sense of discontent, with its typical problems – such as burn-outs, imposter syndrome and fear of being excluded. 

How can we characterise our society, in what ways does it define us as individuals, and what discontent results from it? Are there verifiable explanations for this discontent, in the practice of healthcare, education and labour organisation? In 'Discontent', Paul Verhaeghe opts for a scientifically backed analysis, averse to ideology-based critiques and utopian solutions. In his recognisably smooth and accessible style, he guides us past insights about these times and expectations for our future. 

Adam Phillips’ psychological expertise meets Paul Mason’s political engagement.

Radical and downright terrifying questions, that could just as easily lead to a welcome social progress.
De Standaard
Freud’s insights on discontent and culture bring Paul Verhaeghe to a critique of our neoliberal society.