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Open your eyes to the unbelievable


Leo Timmers

Sam is crazy about robots and goes around telling everyone that they live on a distant planet. He is convinced they will come and visit him. Nobody believes him. Fed up, he decides to create someone who does understand him. Using parts from a vacuum cleaner, a desk lamp, a radio and a rake he puts together Franky, his very own robot. Sam keeps his friend hidden from his parents and together they have a great time. They may not speak the same language, but they understand each other perfectly. Then one morning Franky just sits staring out of the window, looking glum and no longer uttering a word. Until a real spaceship lands in the garden, with robots that look an awful lot like Franky.

A tender, funny friendship story
Publishers Weekly

The amusing story and the visual flair of Timmers’ drawing style, with nods to the 1950s and E.T., imbue ‘Franky’ with the necessary dynamism. The combination of nostalgia and the futurism of robots lend the book a special charm. ‘Franky’ is a dazzling ode to friendship, the power of the imagination and the infinite cosmos.

A brightly illustrated, mind-stretching picture book
The Source
An imaginative and visual pleasure