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The poetry of small things

I Have Travelled Far, But Won't Stay Long

Ward Zwart & Enzo Smits

Gus is in his thirties when he returns to the village where he grew up. His band, successful on the indie circuit, once gave him a way out of the sleepy community, but now his band have split up and his relationship is on the rocks. Cas and his friends are in their final year in school, balancing on the cusp of adulthood. Their days are filled with skateboarding, making music and just hanging around and they can’t wait to get away.

A poetic and intoxicating mood to cherish

Ward Zwart and Enzo Smits evoke the atmosphere of nineties skate culture like no other. And yet they do so much more in this beautiful portrait of seeking souls. At no point does the absence of a detailed plot feel like a flaw. We watch through the eyes of Gus and Cas as summer turns to autumn turns to winter. Zwart shows himself a master of low-key yet telling images and detailed facial expressions, rendered fully in pencil. What better way to put it than in the words of BRUZZ magazine: It’s the poetry of small things that, more than anything, speaks loud and clear in the work of Zwart and Smits.

A modern classic that perfectly captures the feeling of growing up and coming home in both words and pictures
An atmospheric, melancholic graphic novel about growing up in the nineties *****