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A little braggart and a good-natured giant

I'm the Strongest!

Jan De Kinder

Piglet thinks he’s the strongest and even dares to enter into a trial of strength with Elephant. Piglet bets that he can lift up Elephant with one hand, even though he is much smaller. This results in a number of humorously detailed but doomed attempts to lift the ten-ton animal. Elephant takes a run-up and jumps into Piglet’s arms. Piglet sinks into the sand and is crushed.

But he does not give up, and has his eye on a second attempt on a firmer footing. He is able to keep upright and pushes Elephant into the air with all his might, until he is holding him up with one hand. Piglet is so sure of himself that he does not notice the branch by which Elephant is pulling himself up. Elephant plays along and compliments the strong pig.

The sober illustrations have an expressive effect
NBD Biblion

In his illustrations – executed with a mixed paint and chalk technique – Jan De Kinder limits himself to robust figures on a sober background. The combination of dark tones, supplemented by a striking red and bright blue, make the pictures eye-catching. Piglet’s exertions and Elephant as a grotesque figure, without losing his image of a good-natured fatty, are strongly depicted.

A surprising twist
De Leeswelp