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Precious poetic observations about ageing in a family

Late Days

Bernard Dewulf

Everything changes when you start a family: that is what Bernard Dewulf showed us in ‘Small Days’, a book that was as successful as it was subtly insightful, in which he described what it means to be a father. ‘Small Days’ received the Libris Prize for Literature in 2010 and the Inktaap Award in 2011.

Now, in ‘Late Days’, the long-anticipated sequel, the children are older and choose how to spend their days and nights themselves. As a result, parenting increasingly makes way for ticking time. The author is sometimes a spectator, sometimes a participant, and sometimes he lies awake at night. Sometimes it is summer, and time and time again autumn comes around. These ‘Late Days’ are marked by melancholy.

Dewulf’s writing succeeds in making the mundane new again.

Bernard Dewulf puts his days into words in a book that transforms daily life into something unique. No matter what Bernard writes about, he sees the world like a photographer, and analyses each moment in a unique, almost philosophical way. With his poetic and picturesque language, he adds colour to the things everyone can see if only they look hard enough.