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A warm book about colours

Little White Fish

Guido Van Genechten

Since 2004, this loveable little white fish has been part of Guido Van Genechten’s oeuvre. His high-contrast pictures are quite distinctive, with the colourful ocean dwellers standing out clearly against the inky black background.

In this first adventure, little white fish goes in search of his mother. Along the way, he meets creatures of all kinds and colours: a red crab, an orange starfish, a yellow snail, a green turtle, a blue whale and a purple octopus – but none of them are his mummy. His mother is special and even though she’s not white, little white fish would recognise her among thousands: her skin boasts all the colours of the rainbow.

A beautiful picture book to get to know all the colours of the rainbow.

Van Genechten’s illustrations are tender and thrilling. Using simple shapes and lines in a clear and uncomplicated structure, the author manages to tell a fascinating story, inviting young readers to help the little white fish in his search. Later publications in the same series include ‘Bravo little white fish’, ‘Little white fish and his daddy’, ‘Little white fish has lots of friends’ and ‘Little white fish is growing up’.

A strong alliance of composition, colour and emotional expression.
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