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A plea to take love as it comes and behave naturally

Love: An Impossible Longing?

Dirk De Wachter

No other subject has been described as much as love in literature, music and art. Still we are searching for love’s essence and real nature. We think we can define and grasp love, but we always have to acknowledge we fail in doing so. Love is inscrutable, yet also a necessity in life.

We live in the illusion we can buy anything. Also love.
Dirk De Wachter

In this book, Dirk De Wachter shows in a passionate and convincing argument and by using examples from literature, art and music, how love is threatened in its very existence by contemporary consumerism and the illusion that everything can be made and turned into something wished for, often based on unreal societal values.

'Love: An Impossible Longing? is a plea to take love as it comes and behave naturally. Only then, by not forcing something, love can appear gloriously.