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A colourful voyage of discovery for tiny tots

Monkey on the Run

Leo Timmers

Daddy Monkey and his son are on their way home on the banana bike. But it’s so busy, and everyone’s driving so slowly! And Monkey Junior is in the mood for monkeying about. He escapes from his safety seat and goes off to explore the traffic jam. He clambers over cars, coaches, lorries and other wheels and he never imagined it could be so much fun: something is going on in every single vehicle. He swings from crane to fire-engine ladder and steals a piece of royal cake. From up in the crow’s nest of the pirate ship, he has a fine view of the octobus. He ends up in a police car chase and in a mobile laundrette. He gets an ice cream at the ice cream parlour and finds a present for his mum along the way. The street is like a playground!

The curious and mischievous little monkey is as delighted by the surroundings as readers will be.
Publishers Weekly

After his fabulous ‘Gus’s Garage’ and ‘Who Is Driving?’, Leo Timmers has now created the ultimate road book, packed with surprising and funny vehicles. This wordless picture book is full of stories and fantastic details in vibrant colours.

This climbing and clambering party is a high point in Timmers’ oeuvre
In every illustration, the pleasure of drawing leaps off the pages, which are packed with jokes