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A unique read-aloud book about grandmas and grandpas, and darlings and dumplings

My Grandma’s Made of Gingerbread

Sabien Clement & Evelien De Vlieger

An eight-year-old boy introduces his eleven grandparents: the most flexible grandma, the stingiest grandpa, the quietest grandma, the yummiest grandma, the most honest grandma, the fastest grandpa, the hairiest grandma, the most clairvoyant grandpa, the most forgetful grandma, the most fascinating grandpa and the farthest grandpa. The ways in which the types of grandparents are introduced are as varied as the types themselves. Through stories, poems, recipes and comic strips about two grandchildren, Lina and Judocus, we get to know all of these grandparents: grandmas and grandpas who get along fine with iPads and sports cars but, most importantly, grandmas and grandpas with gingerbread hearts.

A rich and varied book worth cherishing
Boekenpluim jury

‘My Grandma’s Made of Gingerbread’ is a rich and varied book worth cherishing. Evelien De Vlieger shatters all the clichés – or nearly all of them – about grandparents. Sabien Clement elevates the book with her illustrations, revealing a subtle sense of humour in every print. And the illustrations are so detailed it’s hard to tear your eyes away from the pages of this beautiful book.  

Craftsmanship, vision, flexibility, guts, depth, originality
Picturaleprijs jury
Well written, beautiful language and original ideas
De Leeswelp