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A philosophical book about sharing a place that feels like home

My Rock

Sebastiaan Van Doninck & Elvis Peeters

Bird enjoys his rock. From his rock, he can see the sea, the sand blowing about and the grass swaying. He’s perfectly content. Until suddenly he spots a lizard lying on his rock, claiming it’s his rock, that he’d recognise it anywhere and it’s always nice and warm thanks to the sun. Bird and Lizard share a love for the rock, but refuse to share the rock itself. When it looks like Lizard is gone, Bird perches on the rock again. But is it still his?

Breathtakingly beautiful. A book to cherish

In this philosophical picture book, Elvis Peeters and Sebastiaan Van Doninck explore themes including home, property, and the budding awareness that others may have a very different take on things. Peeters’ text is written from the perspective of Bird, whose world is turned upside-down by Lizard. Brief, staccato sentences reflect Bird’s anxiety. With plenty of white space, Van Doninck succeeds in giving the two creatures and the limited landscape starring roles in his illustrations. By only changing the position of the pupil in Bird’s eye he creates surprisingly effective facial expressions. ‘My Rock’ is a story about sharing the same space – a story that couldn’t be more topical today.

Beautifully painted illustrations: each spread is a work of art
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