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A curious mouse and a macho frog

Nellie & Cezar

Ingrid Godon & Bette Westera

Nellie the Mouse and Cezar the Frog have been inseparable for over twenty years and are best friends to little children. There’s a whole string of books and other publications around these two figures: from picture, text and activity books to a television series and hand puppets. Illustrator Ingrid Godon and author Bette Westera have now joined forces to give the franchise a fresh new overhaul.

The illustrations are a feast of detail with lots of bright, cheerful colours.
De Leeswelp

In ‘I’m Happy’ Nellie and Cezar are bored. They would love to go out, but they can’t because it’s raining. But then Fons turns up on their doorstep. He wants to tramp through the puddles with them and has an umbrella. When they bump into Pol along the way, the group is complete and they have lots of fun. But suddenly some less pleasant things start happening. ‘I’m happy!’ addresses recognisable feelings for pre-schoolers: anger, joy, fear, sorrow, surprise and lots more.

In ‘I Count To Ten’, a colourful counting book for toddlers, a party is underway: there is one Nellie who is celebrating her birthday, there are two strawberries on the cake, three party hats and four presents. And how many balloons did Cezar blow up and how many little flags decorate the house?

Cover I Count To Ten
Book Trailer Nellie & Cezar, I’m Happy