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The master of the ode


David Van Reybrouck

No writer commands the art of the ode like David Van Reybrouck. Since early 2015 he has regularly sung the praises of something, someone or someplace on online journalism platform ‘De Correspondent’. The editor-in-chief gave him carte blanche and that resulted in stimulating prose about an expansive range of topics.

Here is a writer who unleashes on the reader all the beautiful and comforting things that life has to offer and does so in lucid prose.
Cutting Edge

Among them are odes to spring, to Leonard Cohen, to the cleaning lady, to failure, to Kofi Annan and of course to love. Whatever his topic, Van Reybrouck drops his guard completely in his subtle and poignant odes. These pieces have been shared many times over and have brought thousands of readers moments of tranquility, astonishment and beauty. This collection brings the author’s best odes together for the first time.

A gorgeous collection filled with delicate gems
De Wereld Draait Door
This passionate admirer is generous and always worth reading.