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Discovering the world – and each other


Bart Moeyaert & Wolf Erlbruch

‘Paradise’ starts where The Creation left off. Adam believes it’s his job to keep everything in the Garden of Eden, where he lives with Eve, in good order – to curb nature, that is. This causes the first crack in perfection. Eve is beginning to sigh more and she’s taking less pleasure in life. Keen to do something about it, Adam yields to Eve’s fatigue and stops his maintenance work.

A Flemish author and a German illustrator, both on top of their game, join forces to produce a gorgeous picture book.
De Standaard

From then on, everything is allowed to grow rampant. And as plants choke other plants and animals devour other animals, new life emerges from all this rotting goo. There’s a lot to discover in this world for the man and woman, not least each other and their bodies. And during this voyage of rediscovery, they appear to regain a piece of paradise.

‘Paradise’ is the story of a man and woman who learn to open up and embrace their vulnerability, of things taking their natural course. The man and woman – people – make choices, accept the consequences and carry on.

Even after multiple readings, ‘Paradise’ never quite yields all of its secrets, and so it continues to resonate.
De Morgen