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A portrait of a close friendship

Rabbit and Hedgehog

Nils Pieters & Paul Verrept

Rabbit and Hedgehog are sworn friends. In these short stories, they ponder life, their friendship, the meaning of ‘later’, and always go back to each other after an argument. They often disagree and do not always understand what the other is talking about, but that does not stop them from trying. They are scared, they are cheerful, they are insecure, they are pompous and they are a bit crazy. But together, if at all possible.

A sparse text with a philosophical undertone and poetic images
Tzum on ‘De wereld’ by Paul Verrept

In the tradition of Arnold Lobel’s ‘Frog and Toad’ and Toon Tellegen’s animal fables, Paul Verrept and Nils Pieters have created two lovely new characters to cherish. With bright colours and his distinctive free-flowing style, Pieters brings the duo to life, and manages to give them very individual personalities. Verrept says no more than necessary, and that is exactly enough in this moving collection.

The colourful and detailed illustrations enable children to keep looking and discovering
Pluizer on ‘Leeuw’ by Nils Pieters
Verrept leaves plenty of room for the reader’s imagination.
De Standaard on ‘ De wereld’ by Paul Verrept