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The story of jazz and of the twentieth century

Rebel Rhythms

Matthijs de Ridder

The story of jazz is the story of the twentieth century. This story begins in America's Deep South. Following the decisive role the United States played during World War I, jazz soon conquered the Old Continent as well. At a terrific pace post WWI-Europe got into its stride on the rebel rhythms of the new music coming from America. Suddenly, jazz was everywhere: in dance halls, in theatres, in the streets and in politics. After World War I jazz was synonymous with renewal, liberation and reformation and in the decennia following the music would remain to be a rebellious influence.

A gorgeous voyage of discovery
Bert Van Raemdonck

Jazz, then, is the perfect soundtrack of a political and cultural history of the twentieth century than jazz. And nowhere jazz's impact on the dreams and fears of Europeans has been described more thoroughly than in the literature of this period. In ‘Rebel Rhythms’ Matthijs de Ridder undertakes a hazardous, yet exiting journey through an age of jazz and jazzy literature.