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Bestseller about being different


Guido Van Genechten

Ricky Rabbit is different from the other rabbits: his right ear droops, while his left ear stands straight up. He tries to correct the droop with all kinds of creative solutions, because the other rabbits tease him about it. All his efforts to fit in with the group are both sad and hilarious. Whatever he does, the other rabbits still make fun of him. After a visit to the doctor, who tells him there’s nothing the matter with his ear, Rikki resigns himself to it. But not before devising one last trick, which sends all the other rabbits into gales of laughter. In the end, his humour earns him a place in the group as the entertainer.

Convincing drawings depict a rabbit family that you instantly adopt as your own
De Leeswelp

Today, there are more than ten ‘Ricky’ books, and the series has developed into a genuine bestseller. Ricky is rendered in expressive, rough brushstrokes, but this doesn’t stop Van Genechten from adding his typical nuances. Throughout the ‘Ricky’ series, Van Genechten successfully depicts his character undergoing a heartfelt and credible process of development in constant interaction with his environment.

An extremely child-friendly story with a lot of humour
Prijs van de Stad Hasselt jury